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Electronic Voting System


eVoteMinder® is a complete suite of easy-to-use electronic voting (eVoting or e-Voting) equipment and allied software we lease to organizations when they have to undertake elections. And voters need no computer skills at all (they only thumbprint their choices, much like a conventional election).

With the eVoteMinder electronic voting system:

  • There is no expensive printing of ballot papers (saves cost)
  • There is no procurement of special equipment/materials
  • There is no need to have computer skills as your Members only thumbprint on our equipment, just as they would on a paper ballot
  • The system is secure and free from manipulation
  • The system and results are 100% verifiable
  • Results are collated instantly at the close of polls
  • The voting process is several times faster than manual voting
  • Ballot Papers are stored electronically for easy retrieval and printing in case of disputes


Our Satisfied Clients Are::

  • Global Evangelical Church Synod 2015 (for constitutional amendment)
  • Abeka Presbyterian Church
  • Samuel Otu Memorial Presbyterian Church (Larteh)
  • Peniel Presbyterian Church (Teshie)
  • Nativity Presbyterian Church (La)
  • Ascension Presbyterian Church (Adabraka)
  • Bethel Presbyterian Church (La)
  • Epiphany Presbyterian Church (Kaajaano)
  • Christ Presbyterian Church (Adentan)
  • Grace Presbyterian Church (New Aplaku)
  • Christ The King Presbyterian Church (Taborah)
  • Redemption Presbyterian Church (Pantang)
  • Resurrection Presbyterian Church (Agbogba)
  • Riis Congregation of Presbyterian Church of Ghana (Nii Oworshika)
  • Global Evangelical Church Trinity Parish (Accra New Town)


Target Users:: Progressive countries, non-profit organizations, corporations, schools and churches that seek to conduct election of officers in a transparent, fast and cost-effective manner.


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