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Abeka Presbyterian Church Premiers eNominationMinder

May 25, 2014, Abeka - Accra, Ghana. The Abeka Presbyterian Church, Accra, became the first organization to use eNominationsMinder - our new nominations collation management system.

Prior to the Church's election of Presbyters (Elders), there is an open nomination process where all members of the church can nominate people that they want to contest for the eldership.

At the end of the process, 230 distinct nominees were generated and tallying their "votes" by the old manual method would have requireda quite few days but the eNominationsMinder system supplied by us reduced the effort to a couple of hours.

Abeka Presbyterian Church will also our easy-to-use eVoteMinder electronic voting system to undertake their Election of Presbyters on the 29th of June, 2014 to reduce the cost of the excercise and obtain results instantly at the end of the voting process.

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