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Calvary Presbyterian Church Implements ChurchMinder

June 2, 2013, Haatso - Accra, Ghana. The Calvary Congregation of the Presbyterian Church at Haatso has completed her implementation of Splash ChurchMinder.

The church migrated from the PCG's Ga Presbytery Church Manager software after a couple of years operating that system when the growing church wanted to adopt a flawless, comprehensive, multi-user and easy-to-use system that takes care of all aspects of Church Member Pastoral Care, Church Growth Facilitation, Financials, Church History, Church Service Management, Groups and Committees management, etc. in one robust suite of software.

As part of the The Calvary Congregation's implementation of the ChurchMinder church management suite of software, existing data in the Ga Presbytery system was migrated seamless by Splash Technology while Ministers, Administrative Officials and Volunteers of the church were taken through comprehensive hands-on training.

Among other things, the system is expected to facilitate the work of Ministers as they can instantly obtain relevant information on Members that they interact with for purposes of prayer and counselling.

With the church's solid network infrastructure, member information management and other key opertions are undertaken in real time at the main church (that is situated away from the church office).

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